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At Timberlawn Behavioral Health System, we are dedicated to providing patients with a specific and individualized treatment plan to help them on their journey to living a happy and productive life. The safe environment at Timberlawn Behavioral Health System allows patients to receive the customized care they need to maximize treatment success and to move seamlessly from one level to the next.

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Timberlawn Behavioral Health System is dedicated to patient care, education and research since 1917.

It was very difficult for me to ask for help but I am so thankful I did. You all made my stay much more positive. Thank you for your kindness, patience, and caring! I feel like a new person ready to face what is ahead of me in life.

~Former Patient,
Adult Inpatient Program

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Timberlawn Behavioral Health System has a highly trained staff to provide you or your loved one with the best care needed to promote recovery and continue on the journey to living a happy and productive life.


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